Ink Consults Ltd

Research and Analysis

Ink Consults is known for its milestone in the sector of research and analysis in areas of human security and conflict resolutions. Its team of researchers investigates sociopolitical phenomenon’s that better represent the landscape of conflict in sub-Saharan Africa. Ink Consult’s team has been working with and within communities to understand the trends that explain the increasing failure in the implementing of public policies on the one side, and reduced impact of the international aid over decades.

The technical team within Ink Consults look separately at questions such as environmental security, organized crime, economic security, societal security and political security to mention but a few. The team has worked on issues of identity, gender and conflict as well. Human rights and political instability in the region has also been one of the measure theme at Ink Consult. We are committed to delivering quality work based on evidence, able to change the status and prove its originality.